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Why are 3D printers good for schools?

You can add multiple dimensions of learning with the new technology which has far-reaching benefits. When you add up the positives of a 3D printer it is easy to see why many talented educators, like yourself, are starting to adopt this new technology. 

Still, knowing which printer is best to help your students reach their learning outcomes is challenging. Some manufacturers make lesson planning simple by giving you materials to use with their printers. Others have online platforms that inspire you to use the printer in ways you might not have thought about.

Then, there are differences in the printers themselves. What will work best for elementary or high school students? Do the printers offer safe functions for young learners? Perhaps for high school, you can forgo the durable options and choose a printer that offers features instead. Taking this into account, we're here to tell you which printers are a go, and which are a no. 

We thought about the costs of setting up a 21st-century classroom because buying many printers at once can cost a lot. We want this to be your definitive guide to preparing your students for their best future. So, we'll also show you how to use your printers to get the most bang for your buck. 


What 3D printers do schools use?
Each school is going to be different because they have unique students. However, it's easy to see that all schools will choose a printer that has obvious features like:

1. Educational tools
2. Heated platforms
3. Print area
4. 3D printing technology

But, which printer is best for you? Let's get into our list so you can see why you need a 3D printer for teaching STEM.