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Home Collections Filament Dryer Box. Supports 2 Spools of Filament Drying&Printing

Filament Dryer Box. Supports 2 Spools of Filament Drying&Printing



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Dry BoxDry Box + 2KG PLA

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Filament Dryer Box. Supports 2 Spools of Filament Drying&Printing
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Filament Dryer Box

Filament Dryer is designed for drying filament, it is able to remove the moisture from the filament and restore the good printer quality of filament. As we all know, the filament is easy to absorb the moisture in the air, after the filament gets humid, you may have print issues such as strings, bubbles, uneven extrusion lines, and be unable to get good print quality no matter how perfect is your printer. Even the hot end may get clogged, which is really disappointing. Therefore, the filament dryer is very essential for every 3d printer owner. For such important accessories, we gave it better features as we can. 

Large Capacity: 

Compared to other filament dryers, Creality filament dryer can store 2 spools of filament with a width of less than 70 mm or 1 filament roll with a width of less than 150 mm. This is very good news for 3d printer owners, it satisfied more people who have more different demands, like people who usually print with 2-3 kg roll, people who have two or more single extruder 3d printers, people who have IDEX 3d printer. 

Adjustable Temperature & Time:

The temperature and time both are adjustable, when you hit the function button, you can set the temperature 40 c, 45c or 50c, hit the up button to adjust the temp. When you hit the function button again, you can set the time from 6h to 12 h, hit the up button, and you can adjust the drying time. 

Humidity Display:

The humidity will show the humidity of the filament dryer box in real-time, it is very convenient for users to take a reference about the humidity of the filament. 

Excellent Sealing Storage Function:

There is a transparent silicone spacer in the edge of the box, after you lock the lid and close the 2 Teflon outlets, the filament can be stored in a vacuum environment for a long time, no need to power on. We suggest you put 4 bags of desiccants  (not included in the package) inside the dryer box to improve drying efficiency & quality. 

Two Teflon Outlets: 

There are two outlets made with Teflon material, which makes the filament be loaded more smooth from the filament dryer to the extruder. And when you use the filament dryer for storing filament, you can close these two outlets, when you use it for drying, you can open it for letting the moisture flow out to the air. It is a little design, but makes the product much more special. 

Two Locking Clips:

Two locking clips can lock the lid very tight, and guarantee that the lip won't pop up because of the pull strength of the extruder when it is printing.  You can use the filament dryer as a filament holder and print without any worries.  

Recommend Settings for Different Material

Using Notice

1. Dry the moisture filament 12-24 hours before printing, if it is very humid.

2. Open the two Teflon outlets and the lid a little bit while drying,  let it sit on the latch ends to allow humidity to escape.

3. Please put the filament rolls in the correct position (watch the video)  to make the filament goes out more smoothly.



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The two filament coils work well. I took this case to help keep my filament dry, even if I had no problem so far. It seems good to do this service, to see in time.
this is a simple heating plate with a fan in a box but price is good

Richard J
Much better than the others, apart from thermometers it has to measure moisture and is totally hermetical not like the others, they fit the wider coils than the others do not fit, it has built-in fan for more heat uniformity inside the casing. Ultimately good product.

Steve Hogan
very good drying box. sealed! recommended. fast delivery too
The only downfall I see eith this dryer box is it being limited to a 6-12hr timer. If it had an always on option it would be 5 stars.
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