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Home Collections Creality Ender-3 V2 NEO 3D Printer Kits | 220*220*250mm

Creality Ender-3 V2 NEO 3D Printer Kits | 220*220*250mm



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Ender 3 V2 NEOEnder 3 V2

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Creality Ender-3 V2 NEO 3D Printer Kits | 220*220*250mm
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What are the upgrades for the Ender-3V2 Neo?

Configure the CREALITY CR TOUCH.
Enhanced Accuracy with CR Touch. 16-point automatic print height compensation, ensuring leveling accuracy.

PC Spring Steel Magnetic Build Plate
It's no longer a glass bed. The PC Spring Steel Magnetic build plate has good adhesion and enables a slight bend to remove the print.

4.3'' Color Knob Screen
Model Preview with New UI. The preview function makes model selection visible, allowing for progress monitoring.

Full-metal Bowden extruder is durable.
Filaments' loading is easy with a rotary knob. More durable


Adhesive and Bendable Build Plate
The PC spring steel magnetic build plate has good adhesion to the model and it enables quick removal of the print with just a slight bend.
Enhanced Accuracy with CR Touch
CR Touch auto-leveling completes the 16-point print height's compensation on the build surface, ensuring the leveling accuracy and improving the printing quality.
Classic and Stable Integrated Design
Full-metal integrated design with a sturdy gantry for stable printing. The smooth surface of the gantry looks more simple and aesthetic.
Full-metal Bowden Extruder for Smooth Feeding
The full-metal Bowden extruder has greater extrusion force and is more durable. A rotary knob is added to facilitate smooth feeding and withdrawal of filaments.
Preview the Print with New UI
The newly upgraded UI adds a model preview function, making it easier to observe the exact shape.
Quick Assembly, Easy to Handle
With some parts pre-installed, the assembly can be completed in 3 steps. Not a challenge at all!


Product Introduction:

Molding Technology: FDM
Machine size: 438*424*472mm
Build Volume: 220*220*250mm
Package Dimension: 520*505*280mm
Net Weight: 7.8kg
Gross Weight: 9.8kg
Printing Speed: Maximum 120mm/s
Printing Precision: ±0.1mm
Layer Height: 0.05~0.35mm
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Nozzle Quantity: 1
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm (standard)
Nozzle Temperature: up to 260℃
Heat Bed Temperature: up to 100℃
Build Surface: PC Spring Steel Magnetic Build Plate
Extruder: Bowden Extruder
Extruder Material: Full-metal
Leveling Mode: CR Touch Auto-leveling
Display: 4.3'' Color Knob Screen
Mainboard: 32-bit Silent Mainboard
Resume Printing: Yes
Rated Voltage: 100-120V~, 200-240V~, 50/60Hz
Rated Power: 350W
Slicing Software: Creality Slicer/Cura/Simplify3D
Data Transmission Method: Micro USB/TF Card
3D File Format: STL/OBJ/AMF
Supported Filament: PLA/PETG/ABS
Supported Language: Chinese/ English
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Paul Denney
I have had my V3 Neo for over a year now, before that I used Ultimakers that belonged to the company I used to work for. When I moved jobs I needed my own printer and I couldn't afford an Ultimaker. I did a bit of research and came down on the Ender V3 Neo. To be honest for £200 I didn't have high hopes but I figured that if it wasn't much cop £200 was not much to lose. I am glad to say it was probably the best £200 I have spent. The printer is easy to use and I don't think I have had a single failed print yet. The quality is as good as the Ultimakers and for the price of one of those I could have ten V3 Neo's and start my own print factory.
Steve Kurka
Product was good. Easy to setup for any doubts just search in youtube. 1st print itself with a good quality printing. Its better purchasing with creality wifi box for easy printing. It wont come with v slot covers we need to print ourselves.
Joel Roque
Very easy to assemble. My only complaint on the assembly was the fit of the gantry to the base. I had to put inward pressure on the vertical gantry rails to get the base screws into the rails. Resulted in a 1 mm narrower measurement at the base compared to the top of the gantry. This causes the inner nylon wheels to run tight against the rail and the outside wheels loose. The wheel adjusters do not correct this. HOWEVER,,,, this does not really affect the print. So far the prints have been great. I do plan to oval out the base holes so the gantry will correct to square.

The Ender 3v2 neo can be the best 3d printer but can also be very frustrating to get printing. The print quality is right up there with the best. The problem is if you aren't very patient and detail oriented during setup, you'll struggle to get successful prints without leveling the bed in between each attempt.
B. Allen
This is my first 3D printer. I love how easy this was to set up -- takes less than 30 minutes. However, leveling the bed was confusing using the included firmware, and I was unable to flash the firmware from the SD card (but I think I can flash using a USB Micro B cable). Fortunately, you don't have to level the bed before every print -- you can rely on the included CR Touch to a large extent.

My first 3d printer. I've wanted one for ages to improve my cosplay outfits and so pleased I got the Ender 3 v2 neo. Really easy to set up, great print quality. One of the best things I've ever bought. Only had it a few days no problems so far, I did change the Bowden tube that came with it, I can tell I'm going to get lets of use out of it.
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