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Home Collections Creality Falcon 2 Pro Enclosed Laser Engraver & Cutter
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Creality Falcon 2 Pro Enclosed Laser Engraver & Cutter



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Creality Falcon 2 Pro Enclosed Laser Engraver & Cutter
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Creality Falcon2 Pro Enclosed Laser Engraver


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  •  Safe and Visible: FDA Class 1 Safety Certification. Dual sensors, showing the sealing status
  •  Multiple Security Monitoring, Worry-free Creation
  •  360° Visual Design, Combines Aesthetics with Versatility.
  •  Full-field Protection, Unleash Unlimited Creative Space


Batch production with higher efficiency

Real-time preview to reduce failure

Accurate positioning in full-width working area

Fast dust clean by simply removing the bottom tray


Unparalleled safety upgrades

FDA Class 1 Safety Certification

Safer creation environment: Dual sensors to monitor sealing status. Stop working and warning once lid opend

Eye-protected enclosure with special composite material

Friendly to startup Business

No honeycomb required and less cost

Enclosed design and new evacuation system makes working in small space freely


Pilot Technology,Visual Assistance for Precise Positioning

Built-in top camera for accurate alignment. Ensuring full-frame functionality. Spacious interior, limitless creativity.


Super Cutting Power

Compatible with 40W and 22W laser modules, specifically designed for engraving more deail.


Small Machine,Big Achievements

Large working area of 15.75*16.34 inches (400*415mm). Break free from constraints, unlock more space, and enjoy convenient placement.


Integrated Air Assist

Adjusting the airflow automatically or manually to creatte perfect projects.


Unlock Your Creativity with Creality Falcon2 Pro


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Ian Clubb
Creality CR Falcon - impressions. I wasn't sure what to expect from Creality on their Diode Laser engraver/cutter. I was pleasantly surprised, it arrived sooner than expected and well packaged. The setting up was really easy and the included micro SD card had all the software, example project and information I needed. Coming from a 40 watt CO2 laser engraver/cutter I realised that there were limitations, such as clear acrylic materials etc but I've come to work around that few limitations and have found that it's a great piece of kit and would recommend it. I'm hoping to do a full video review that I will post on my Youtube channel in the coming weeks once I've had more exposure to the CR Falcon.
Q When will the 10w version be available in the UK and will there be an upgrade option to convert the 5w to a 10w by changing the laser module or would it need a different control board and power supply
A The 10W version will be in stock in August.
christopher Perkins
Q Will this engraver mark steel and will it engrave (etch into aluminium?
A Yes, it's possible
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